Command-Line Alternatives in Ubuntu Linux

Computer working environments are pretty similar to the species on this planet. One can see ancient species, that have survived millions of years, living along some fairly-recent ones like humans. The ancient of working environments would be the famed CLI (Command Line Interface) that uses typed text to communicate with the computer, while the modern, today, is the GUI (Graphical User Interface) where there are buttons, windows, mouse pointers and clicks.

There is, surprisingly, a heated debate between each interface’s supporters. CLI pundits are usually vocal and so determined in such debates. They argue that CLI’s are more direct, powerful, safer, cleaner and more reliable than GUI’s. They suggest that using a CLI is simply like the text-chatting that we do all the time. Of course, I would say: yes, but it’s like chatting to a very strict English teacher: zero-tolerance to all mistakes in grammar and spelling. Elsewhere, GUI users (the most of us) don’t even imagine how it is possible that a CLI can be better than all these nice buttons, colourful icons and easy-to-follow informative boxes. CLI can be very intimidating for new users.

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